Carrying on the concept of Brazilian barbecue, the MEET Food Truck offers an array of carefully selected meat cuts, cooked to perfection over our traditional charcoal barbecue. While quality meats are the foundation of our menu, you can choose to have them served whatever way you prefer; on a brioche bun, on top of fries or on a barbecue plate with Brazilian sides and salads. Our menus are specifically designed to meet each client’s requirements and suit many different occasions- from markets and festivals, to weddings and private functions. If the mouth-watering smell isn’t enough to draw your attention, the sleek, matte black exterior and neon lighting should do the trick!

In addition to the MEET Food Truck, let us introduce you to our SMOKER. Using natural ironbark wood, our two-door smoker is an attractive feature in itself and slow-cooks with precision. With the ability to be towed behind the truck, the smoker adds a different dimension to our menus. Let’s face it- everything tastes better smoked!

For all enquiries regarding the MEET Food Truck and smoker, simply fill out the form or email and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.